Nairobi-Maroba Railway, Kenya
In the East African Plateau, the longest railway of East Africa, Nairobi-Maroba Railway, is under construction. Uniview provided video surveillance for the staff campsite.
Background Information:

Nairobi-Maroba Railway starts from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, ends in Maroba, a city of Uganda, 500 kilometers overall.

The staff campsite is in Kenya, which is built since the beginning of the railway construction, and will exist along with the 800 days of whole construction.


Uniview provided various type of cameras to suit for different surveillance needs and 2- series NVRs for protecting the campsite. More than 100 cameras are installed.

The corridor in the office building is equipped with mini bullet camera which has 30m IR distance at night, and staff apartment is protected by bullet camera. Refectory and storage are with IK10 vandal-proof dome camera and turret camera. Alongside the walls, there are 20x/30x PTZ dome cameras and bullet cameras providing 7/24 video surveillance.

All of the cameras are connected to Uniview NVR for remote control and real-time monitoring.


Long range PoE:

The whole campsite is equipped with more than 100 cameras all around. Uniview's camera and NVR are featured with long range PoE function which greatly helped to install products conveniently.

IK10 vandal-proof:

To ensure the staff safety, the dome camera used in the staff campsite is vandal-proof.

IP66 & Surge protection:

Kenya has "long rains" season occurs from March/April to May/June, and "short rains" season occurs from October to November/December. In order to prevent from leaking, Uniview's cameras applied here are all have IP66 water-proof function. Cameras installed in the field also can bear the electronic surge caused by lightning.


Kenya is under fast infrastructure construction. Nairobi-Maroba Railway has magnificent meaning for facilitate transportation and accelerate economy development. Uniview is proud to protect the construction with high quality and highly reliable products.